Liu wai hung business plan

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Wai Hung Fung

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Liu Wai Hung; Chinese name: In the s, Liu left TVB and did business in many sectors, such as Karaoke invested in Mainland China and Chinese char siu invested in Malaysia.

But, he lost in this investment and recently he joined a HK listed company and went back on track in the agricultural business. He truly is a hard working honorable Liào Wěixióng (Mandarin).

Faculty listing for the Beacom School of Business at the University of South Dakota. Jan 03,  · Liu Kai-chi (Chinese: 廖啟智) is a Hong Kong actor, best known for his "everyman" supporting roles. For 25 years he worked for TVB, Hong Kong's first over-the-air commercial station, but did not renew his contract in Although Liu was interested in acting at an early age, he first worked.

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Liu wai hung business plan
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